Wedge shoes have the heel and sole combined, often made from wood, cork, or acrylic. Most times, the base of the sole is covered with other materials such as leather, suede, and so on, to match the straps. Wedges are comfortable to wear all day long and can also be paired with various outfits like dresses, trousers, and shorts.

They are also appropriate during the summer and can be worn on various occasions. Such as weddings, to the beach, trips, picnics and so on. This design is not new in the fashion industry as it dates back to years even before modern civilization.

Wedges are very different from heels even though they have a similar function of boosting the height. Wedges have thicker soles than heels, which in turn provides more balance and support. It is left to you to determine which one best suits your purpose or taste.

Types of Wedge Shoes

Wedge shoes or footwear comes in different types and also for various occasions. Here are some of them;

  • Wedge Boots
  • Open toes Wedge
  • Wedge closed toes
  • Wedge Sneakers, etc.

Why Wear Wedge Shoes?

Asides the fact that it is compulsory to put on footwear when going out, there are other reasons specific footwear should be worn. Factors such as the season, occasion, outfit, to mention but a few affects these decisions.

Here are a few reasons you should put on wedge shoes;

  • Comfortable: Wedges can also be referred to as comfort shoes because they don’t cause blisters or rub against the feet like other shoes. It can be worn for a very long period without pain or discomfort to the feet.
  • Stylish and Simple: It is effortless yet classic. It can be paired with different outfits and for different occasions. It also comes in different colors, designs, making them a perfect choice to pair with.
  • Stable and Supportive: With black wedge shoes, you do not need to worry about heel problems, instep issues, or fallen arches. This is because they have stable and reliable soles that can take on your weight anytime.

What to Wear Wedge Shoes With

Wedge shoes can be paired with various outfits to achieve an elegant yet casual look. Some of which are;

  • Jeans: Paring a neutral wedge sandal of about three inches or below with skinny jeans and a bright color top depicts a casual but elegant look. You are not too dressy or less dressy, that is how the wedge complements this outfit.
  • Shorts: Once again, pairing your wedge sandals together with denim shorts and a simple T-shirt is the way to go. Like the skinny jeans, it is the perfect combination that wins the summer appearance.
  • Dresses:  Wedge, when paired with dresses, adds a touch of class. It can also help tone your dress up or down, depending on the need. A three-inch wedge, when worn with a dress, can pass the perfect message.

Why Black Wedge Shoes?

The neutral color black on its own portrays glamour of some sort. As someone said sometimes ago, “you can never go wrong with black.” So, pairing outfits with black wedge shoe spices your simple outfit.

If you don’t own any, get yours now, and you won’t want to put on anything else.