All of us love a good summer barbecue, but a good many of us are daunted by the thought of organizing all the equipment required for this classic American tradition. While barbecue equipment really encompasses a whole range of tools and pieces of equipment, it is not impossible to find everything you need for a barbecue in your house, or in a store near you.

Once you have picked your grill, you will need to move on to the next items: the grilling tongs and a wide spatula. You will need the tongs to flip, rearrange, or remove pieces of meat cleanly off the frill without burning yourself. Stainless steel tongs are durable and easy to clean. For some foods, you will need a wide spatula so that you can flip hamburgers that may break if you use tongs. When you are shopping for the spatula, remember to pick one that has a handle long enough to let you flip hamburgers without getting singed.

Once you are done with the tongs and the spatula, its time to look for the right barbecue fork. This accessory is used for a number of purposes. One way to use it is to pick up and turn the food on the grill. You will also need to use it to check how tender your meats are and if they are done or need more cooking.

The last bit of necessary barbecue equipment is the basting brush. If you like marinading your meats while you barbecue, this is a must have for you. Other optional accessories are the grill brush for keeping the grill clean between uses; skewers if you want to grill kebabs; and a grill basket that can be convenient for grilling vegetables, fruit, or other foods that are difficult to flip because the get stuck on the grill.

Recent studies have suggested that there may be a cancer risk associated with eating food cooked on high temperatures. Other research indicates that eating moderate quantities of such foods is not hazardous, provided it is not charred. So while you barbecue, take care to remove visible fat that may flare up. Precooking food in the microwave to release some of the fluids also helps. Cook food in the center of the grill, moving coals to the side so that fats do not drip on them. Always cut off charred portions of the food.

When using a cooler in the outdoors, keep in the shade away from direct sunlight. To avoid frequent opening of the cooler, pack meats in one cooler and beverages in another. Ensure that there are plenty of clean utensils and platters. Do not use the plates on which raw and marinated meats have been kept to serve grilled foods. Most importantly, ensure that there is a source of clean water near the barbecue site.

Dont let all of these guidelines to put you off the barbecue. Keep them in mind while you enjoy the barbecue experience. It will be good to know that you are keeping your family and friends safe while giving them the ultimate outdoor experience!

Here’s the perfect & simple BBQ guide for all beginners: